Monday, May 30, 2011

Dirty Hands

The Orbit's commercial about having a dirty mouth makes me laugh...the one with the goat lady. We may not want a dirty mouth but as Christians we should have dirty hands. This coming weekend will be one of the first times I will get my hands dirty at Zion or in the community. There are 7 volunteers from Zion experiencing the powerful transformation of our landscape as well as the transformation of our hearts. The only other time I got my hands dirty was helping at the food pantry in July of last year. This makes my heart sad. Whatever happened to the transformative power of service in Jesus' name? God has placed a huge longing on my heart and I want to share this with you. I would like to engage in Saginaw in a significant way...more time spent at the food pantry and the soup kitchen. I would like to find out ways I could bring a group of youth to our church for a mission trip within Saginaw. We have the space to house and feed all of the youth. There are pastors from the lower part of the state that would like to work together to make this happen. This is burning on my heart. I would like to engage in community programs...volunteer in a school or hospital setting....all in the name of Jesus. When we serve in Jesus' name, the focus is on the power and promise of the risen Christ present in the mission at hand. Transformation is possible because Jesus is present. And so we engage! It will touch our hearts, shape our minds, and change our lives! I need some help with this...Is there anyone who would like to find out more about some social justice issues of Saginaw and how we can make a difference in this community?