Thursday, August 7, 2014

Open to Healing

This quote is powerful.  “Religion is lived by people who are afraid of hell.  Spirituality is lived by people who have been through hell and come out enlightened.”

I’m making my way back from hell once again as I walk the journey with my mother’s mental illness.  Finally the judge agrees she needs help and for the first time healing may be hers and mine in a new and different way.

Can we finally surrender to healing?  Will our judgmental heads, closed-down hearts, and abused bodies come together to surrender to the transformation that can happen?  It is possible, if only you can surrender to the light of your being.  Nothing is impossible with God.

And the work of spirituality begins again knowing we start with the power of the Holy Spirit.  Come to the light and heal from all your pains and hurts.  Come again knowing that our Lord desires healing and wholeness for us.  Help us, Jesus, to bring your light to our closed-minded, dead-hearted, body-denying beings. 

There are so many situations that pull us apart in this world, but faith pulls us together…mind, body, and soul as well as brothers and sisters in Christ.  I’m ready to begin again.  The journey from hell to light as we gather once again to receive the body and blood of Jesus, to hear the words of forgiveness, and to feel the hugs of fellow travelers along life’s journey.  Open us all to your healing and bring us into your light.