Monday, November 10, 2014

Risk Everything for the Gospel

A thief hears that the holy man of the mountain has one of the most beautiful diamonds in existence.  The thief determines to steal it.  He sneaks into the old man’s hut, finds the diamond and prepares to flee when the old man suddenly enters.  The thief is about to strike him, but the old man laughs and tells him to go ahead and take the diamond.  Halfway down the mountain the thief turns around.  He returns and hands the diamond back to the holy man, saying, “Give me instead whatever you have that allowed you to give me this diamond so freely and joyfully.”

 When our experience of loss and failure is planted in the fertile soil of faith, we become spiritually stronger and gain greater independence from immediate satisfaction.  We are more able to fight the good fight with enduring wisdom.  From “Faith-Rooted Organizing” pg.172.

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